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Vault 8: WikiLeaks Begins Publishing Source Code for CIA Hacking Tools 

– WikiLeaks began publishing the source code of alleged CIA hacking tools Thursday in a new series dubbed “Vault 8.” The source code, according to a press release from the anti-secrecy organization, is intended to “enable investigative journalists, forensic experts and the general public to better identify and understand covert CIA infrastructure components.” “Source code published in this series contains software designed

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Assange Ready to Provide Evidence Russian Collusion Narrative is False

–WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has offered to provide evidence that the Russian collusion narrative is false in exchange for a pardon from President Trump. The president, apparently, has not yet gotten the message. On Saturday, President Trump told reporters that he has “never heard” of Assange’s offer to make a deal. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) told The Daily Caller that Trump is

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Senate helps Trump with war on Wikileaks and US leakers

WASHINGTON  A Senate panel may be stealthily trying to give federal law enforcement a new tool to go after the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks and its U.S. collaborators. A one-sentence “Sense of Congress” clause was tacked onto the end of a massive 11,700-word bill that was approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee and is likely to come before the full Senate

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WikiLeaks website apparently hacked by OurMine 

As of early Thursday morning, the WikiLeaks.org homepage displayed a message that read: “Hi, it’s OurMine (Security Group), don’t worry we are just testing your…. blablablab, oh wait, this is not a security test! Wikileaks, remember when you challenged us to hack you?” FOLLOW THE LINK FOR THE FULL REPORT – JR  https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/31/16232164/wikileaks-hacked-ourmine-website

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WikiLeaks Releases Docs on ‘Dumbo’ CIA Tool Allowing Control of Webcams – Sputnik International

The tool allows for the identification, control and manipulation of the monitoring and detection systems, like webcams and microphones, on a target computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system. It requires a direct access to the computer as it is run from an USB stick. “All processes related to the detected devices (usually recording, monitoring or detection of video/audio/network streams)

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FBI prepares for new hunt for WikiLeaks’ source

The FBI has begun preparing for a major mole hunt to determine how anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks got an alleged arsenal of hacking tools the CIA has used to spy on espionage targets, according to people familiar with the matter. The leak rattled government and technology industry officials, who spent Tuesday scrambling to determine the accuracy and scope of the thousands

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