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Don Jr.: The ‘Alliance’ Between Big Tech And The Activist Left ‘Prevents People From Being Heard’

Donald Trump Jr. discussed conservative censorship on social media during an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday night. WATCH: “Do you think, you talked to a lot of Republicans in Washington, do you think they understand the threat of woke capitalism, the alliance between the activist left and big business that is shutting down speech?” Carlson asked. “I have a

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The Web’s Most Banned Content Is Located Here – Bill Introduced To Strip Big Tech Of Immunity

A bill introduced to Congress will strip Big Tech of the immunity from prosecution granted by the section 230 exemption. Alex exposes the lawlessness of censorship and breaks down the facts backed up by the American Constitution. FOLLOW THE LINK FOR THE FULL REPORT – JR https://www.infowars.com/the-webs-most-banned-content-is-located-here-bill-introduced-to-strip-big-tech-of-immunity/

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USMCA Entrenches Tech Companies’ Right To Censor

President Trump hailed the trade agreement he signed with Mexico and Canada last week as “great for all our countries.” Perhaps he doesn’t know that the NAFTA-replacing trade agreement, USMCA, gives tech giants in Silicon Valley a special legal privilege to censor his own supporters — and anyone else they find “objectionable.” Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube all engaged in

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Republicans Urge Trump to Ban Surveillance Tech Sales to China

President Trump’s administration should ban the export to China of technology that can be used for surveillance, a pair of Republican lawmakers urged Wednesday. “U.S. companies should not be assisting in the expansion of China’s systems for surveillance, detection, and detention, or be complicit in what are gross violations of internationally recognized human rights occurring daily in the XUAR,” Florida

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Trump Declares America Free from Tech Tyranny

Alex Jones presents a video of President Trump speaking at an Indiana rally where he vows to crush big tech censorship and protect the freedoms Americans have always cherished, especially freedom of speech. Watch the videos Big Tech doesn’t want you see! Full Show – President Trump Vows To Crush Big Tech’s Conservative Purge (8/31/2018) FOLLOW THE LINK FOR THE

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Poll: 61% Of Big Tech Employees Say Ban Alex Jones

Big Tech employees overwhelmingly want to see the censorship of Alex Jones expanded, according to a new survey. A recent survey from big tech workplace discussion app Blind shows that 61 percent of employees at major tech firms agree that Twitter should join the rest of Silicon Valley in blacklisting Infowars host Alex Jones. The notable exception is Twitter employees

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