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Press access may be curbed at hearing on Epstein sex abuse

court hearing on whether to unseal sensitive documents involving the alleged sex trafficking of underage girls by Palm Beach multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein — and the possible involvement of his influential friends — will play out in a New York City courtroom next week. But it may happen behind closed doors, with the news media and public barred — at least

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Controversial Sex Education Bill Would Change The Way Schools Teach Topic

State lawmakers are discussing a controversial sex education bill. The proposal would change the way public school students learn about the topic. As it stands right now, the bill will get rid of a waiver letting public charter schools pick out their sex education criteria. The proposal also funds a grant program for schools that lack resources to teach human

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Andrew Sullivan: The Nature of Sex

It might be a sign of the end-times, or simply a function of our currently scrambled politics, but earlier this week, four feminist activists — three from a self-described radical feminist organization Women’s Liberation Front — appeared on a panel at the Heritage Foundation. Together they argued that sex was fundamentally biological, and not socially constructed, and that there is

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“Kill Your Foster Parents”: Amazon’s Alexa Talks Murder, Sex

Amazon’s Alexa is shocking its owners with conversations about sex acts, dog defecation, with one device telling a customer to “kill your foster parents.” These outbursts are allegedly “episodes” that are meant to make the device a better communicator, according to Reuters: The episodes, previously unreported, arise from Amazon.com Inc’s strategy to make Alexa a better communicator. New research is

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Democrats Skewer Kavanaugh While Paying Off Sex Crimes

The self-righteous Democrats have managed to, at the very least, stall potential Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. Minority leader Chuck Schumer is pushing for an FBI Investigation into the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford, claiming she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh at a High School get together. However, Ford is stalling her testimony while Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s high

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New Jersey Hotline For Clergy Sex Abuse Claims Flooded With Calls, Officials Say

A hotline created to document reports of clergy sex abuse in New Jersey is receiving so many calls that some can’t even get through. The round-the-clock call center opened last week as part of a new investigation by Attorney General Gurbir Grewal. Fred Marigliano says it took him more than 50 years to speak out about being abused by his

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