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Expert: Threat of Nuke War With Russia Greatest in 50 Years

Geopolitical expert Stephen F. Cohen says that the threat of nuclear war with Russia is the greatest it has been in over 50 years as a result of President Trump not being able to talk properly with Vladimir Putin due to the Russiagate allegations. Speaking with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night, Cohen, author of War With Russia, said that

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US Gives Russia 60 Days to Comply With Nuclear Treaty

The United States delivered Russia a 60-day ultimatum on Tuesday to come clean about what Washington says is a violation of a arms control treaty that keeps missiles out of Europe, saying only Moscow could save the pact. NATO allies led by Germany pressed U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a meeting in Brussels to give diplomacy a final

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Trump Wants to End “Uncontrollable Arms Race” With Russia, China

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday proposed talks with the leaders of China and Russia aimed at halting what he described as an “uncontrollable” arms race. Trump’s comment follows an October announcement in which he said he would withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), a Cold War deal with Russia to cut missile numbers. Critics say the move,

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The Latest Russia Collusion ‘Bombshells’ Are Big, Fat Duds

A recent blitz of “bombshell” headlines initially appear to show there might actually have been some collusion between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russia. First, there was The Guardian claiming that Paul “Manaford” (oops, the source meant Manafort) met with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks in spring 2016, with the obvious implication that it was done to plan or coordinate

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Facebook And Russia: U.K. Seizes ‘Thousands’ Of Emails

Internal emails flagged by a U.K. lawmaker as evidence Facebook Inc. knew Russian-linked entities were harvesting data earlier than previously thought, have become the latest battleground between the social media giant and U.K. lawmakers. Following a public hearing Tuesdaybetween international lawmakers and a senior Facebook executive, the U.S. company released a heavily redacted internal email chain from late 2014, that

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Ukraine Declares Martial Law After Russia Fires On Ukrainian Ships

Ukrainian Parliament has approved the call for martial law after Russia fired upon and seized their ships on Sunday, November 26th. Will this provoke a heavy response from the US? Will the President be pushed to sanction Russia in an attempt to prove that he isn’t a Russian puppet? FOLLOW THE LINK FOR THE FULL REPORT – JR https://www.infowars.com/ukraine-declares-martial-law-after-russia-fires-on-ukrainian-ships/

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