Riots on Temple Mount, Palestinians throw explosive device at police

The Jerusalem Police closed all entrances to the Temple Mount on Tuesday after Palestinians reportedly threw a Molotov cocktail at a police outpost on the compound.

Dozens of policemen entered the compound after the incident..

The policemen ordered all worshipers to leave the compound. Eyewitnesses said scuffles broke out between the police and scores of Palestinians.

The incident took place a day after Interior Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan vowed that there will be “no second mosque on the Temple Mount” and said that, “God willing” Jews will be able to pray there freely “in the future.”

The office of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the events and warned of an escalation as a result of these clashes, Ynet reported.

Abbas’s office further said he is engaged in “intensive discussions” with Jordan and other parties to prevent further escalations.


German Police Officer Blasts Parliament Over Islamists, Open Borders

German society is destabilizing as migrants and jihadists pour in through open borders, warns police officer and politician Martin Hess.

Hess, who serves in the Bundestag as a member of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, eviscerated his colleagues from establishment parties during a recent speech on the floor of parliament, accusing them of abdicated their duties to protect citizens and secure the nation’s borders.

“The threat of terrorism is higher than ever before, and therefore we must act now to implement measures to protect our citizens,” Hess said. “Enough talk. Now is the time for action, and this requires that the main problem be solved, which is responsible for the disasters in the area of internal security: our open borders.”

“The truth has been and remains: Germany is uncertain as never before. Never before in our country have we needed to protect our Christmas markets with concrete bollards from Islamist attacks. Never before in the history of our country did we need ‘women’s protection zones’ to be set up at public events to protect our women.”

Hess pointed out that there were 776 Islamic terror suspects in Germany as of July, 2018, compared with 165 in 2014. He also noted that “almost all” terror suspects entered Germany as “refugees.”

Estimates indicate over 1.6 million mostly-Muslim migrants have poured into the country since 2014.

“You irresponsibly neglect the security and protection of our citizens,” Hess said.
“As long as this cardinal error of ‘open borders’ is not corrected in German security policy, all attempts to improve the security agencies will have no impact.”

Hess called out the hypocrisy of government officials who spare no expense or resource in protecting themselves, while failing to do the same for their constituents, pointing to a massive security and border control campaign for the 2017 G20 summit in Hamburg during which police arrested some 744 known criminals.

“People without a legitimate reason for entry [into Germany] should be consistently rejected, and all persons who are staying illegally in our country should be permanently removed,” Hess said.

He blasted prominent politicians who gaslight citizens by telling them terrorism is “just a risk of 21st century life” or that “we will have to learn to live with terror – because the opposite is true.”

“In the name of our citizens, our children and grandchildren, we cannot and will not live with this terror,” Hess vowed. “We want a safe Germany without concrete bollards and without women’s protection zones . . . We need politicians who are determined to fight Islamist terrorism effectively and make this fight a top priority, right now.”

As Infowars Europe reported last week, authorities arrested three Iraqi migrants under “suspicion of preparing a serious act of violence” involving a bomb and a vehicle in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.


Civil forfeiture: SC police seize millions, often from innocent people

In South Carolina, civil forfeiture targets black people’s money most of all, exclusive investigative data shows

When a man barged into Isiah Kinloch’s apartment and broke a bottle over his head, the North Charleston resident called 911. After cops arrived on that day in 2015, they searched the injured man’s home and found an ounce of marijuana.

So they took $1,800 in cash from his apartment and kept it.


When Eamon Cools-Lartigue was driving on Interstate 85 in Spartanburg County, deputies stopped him for speeding. The Atlanta businessman wasn’t criminally charged in the April 2016 incident. Deputies discovered $29,000 in his car, though, and decided to take it.


When Brandy Cooke dropped her friend off at a Myrtle Beach sports bar as a favor, drug enforcement agents swarmed her in the parking lot and found $4,670 in the car.


Key Yellow Vest Figure Arrested by Police at Paris Demonstration

Eric Drouet, one of the key figures in the French Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement, has been arrested for organising an event without prior declaration.

Mr Drouet, who has been one of the leading figures of the Yellow Vests and has appeared frequently on French media, was taken into custody on Wednesday while heading for the Champs-Élysées after calling for a spontaneous demonstration online, according to a Paris prosecutor, Le Figaro reports.

The arrest is not the first for Drouet who was also taken into custody at the “Act VI” demonstration on December 22nd for being in possession of an illegal weapon when he was caught carrying a baton.

The Yellow Vest activist came to national prominence in France after an appearance on broadcaster BFMTV in which he suggested the protesters mobilise and enter the Élysées Palace, the seat of French President Emmanuel Macron.

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Sweden in “State of War” – Police Expert

A top Swedish police officer says his country is effectively in a “state of war” as shooting deaths have reached a new high in the Nordic nation.

Gunnar Appelgren, a security specialist and head of Stockholm police force’s gang conflict division, expressed his concern over growing violence in Sweden as the country recorded its 44th shooting death of 2018 – the most ever.

“It is the total number of shootings that is the problem,” Appelgren told SVT Nyheter. “It is an extremely worrying development that we do not succeed in reducing the number of deaths.”

“It is reminiscent of some form of state of war.”

Appelgren says there is “no quick fix” for the issues at hand, and believes they will take years to solve.

Over 800 firearms have been seized this year and some 299 people arrested in connection with serious crimes in November alone – up from 58 during the same period last year.

Appelgren has also warned that criminals have little difficulty obtaining hand grenades, which are often used to “shock” their rivals.

“Some groups initially estimated that hand grenades are good for scaring or attacking another group,” Appelgren told Expressen in January. “Then you are in a spiral, where hand grenades become part of the weapons used in these gang conflicts.”

Infowars has reported extensively on the explosion of crime and violence in Sweden. Recent reports can be found here, here, and here.


Police Hunt Illegal Alien Still At Large After Murder of Calif. Officer

The man suspected of killing Newman Police Officer Ronil Singh may currently be in an area southeast of San Francisco, according to the Stanislaus County sheriff’s department,

Police warn he is armed and very dangerous.

“This suspect … is in our country illegally,” Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said at a press conference Thursday. “He doesn’t belong here. He is a criminal.”

Singh, a Fiji native who’s served on the Newman police force since 2011, was described as an “American patriot” by Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson.

“He came to America with one purpose, and that was to serve this country,” said Chief Richardson.

The Daily Mail reports on the instances that led up to the death of Officer Singh:

Newman Police Department Corporal Ronil Singh, 33, was making a traffic stop early in the morning when he called ‘shots fired’ over his radio, according to the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department.

Singh had pulled over a gray pickup truck in Newman, a small town 100 miles south of San Francisco, after noticing it had no license plate as part of a DUI investigation, Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said on Thursday.

Signh fired back to defend himself, Christianson said.


Officer Singh was found with multiple bullet wounds, and was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The suspect’s vehicle was found 13 hours later at the River Road mobile home park in Newman.

Police released still frames of convenience store surveillance footage prior to the shooting showing the suspect’s face, but have not yet released the suspect’s name.

A search warrant was served at the mobile home park where the suspect’s vehicle was found, where police say they recovered “lots of potential evidence.”

“Fingerprints, DNA, gunshot residue and physical evidence. We’ll be processing the truck to get any evidence to help in the prosecution,” said one police department spokesman, according to the Daily Mail.

While police have not yet identified the suspect’s country of origin, President Trump in a tweet Thursday tied the manhunt to his demands to congress to strengthen border security and build a wall at the southern US border with Mexico.

“There is right now a full scale manhunt going on in California for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. Time to get tough on Border Security. Build the Wall!” the president tweeted.


Slower Police Response Times Highlight Need For Second Amendment

A Dallas, Texas, police officer warned that it was taking his department up to two hours to respond to violent crimes, which underscores the need for the Second Amendment.

The officer, Nick Novello, posted a video explaining that slow police response times were a regular occurrence.

“I went to the mayor’s office and I showed him three calls. I showed him a shooting on the freeway – a shooting, that’s a lights and sirens call – priority one – police hadn’t responded to that an hour later,” he stated. “I showed him a call where there’s an African American male that has been robbed, he was lying on the ground bleeding, police hadn’t responded to that for about an hour and a half, two hours.”

He also pointed out that even if his city hired 1000 more police officers tomorrow, it would take well over a year before they hit the streets.

Overall, the average response time for a priority one call is over eight minutes, according to the department’s own records.

Earlier this year, it was reported that a police district in Chicago was so understaffed that there were no police officers immediately available to handle emergency calls.

“This happens on a fairly regular basis,” reported “In fact, it happens so often, the department has a name for those times when no cops are available. They call them RAPS, which stands for Radio Assignments Pending.”

“Tragic things can happen when citizens think police are on the way when, in fact, the police are not.”

In other words, when seconds count, the police are minutes away, which is more reason to own a gun for self-defense.


UK Police Use AI System to Stop Crime Before It Happens

It sounds like something out of Minority Report, but police in the UK want to try and use artificial-intelligence to prevent violent crimes before they occur.

According to a report by New Scientist, the system is called the National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS) and works by using a “combination of AI and statistics” to assess the risk of someone becoming a victim of gun or knife crime, as well as them becoming a victim of modern slavery.

However, the measures that are taken once this system has identified an individual are “a matter of discussion” says Ian Donnelley, the lead on the project. The intention, apparently, is not to arrest but rather to provide support from health or social workers in the area. One of the examples given is counselling individuals with a history of mental health issues, or potential victims being contacted by social services.

The team has gathered more than a terabyte of data from local and national police databases – which included stop and search records and logs of crimes committed. The software then crunched the numbers, finding 1400 indicators that could help predict crime, 30 of which were “particularly powerful.” These included the number of crimes someone committed with assistance, and the number of crimes that had been committed by people “in that individual’s social group”.

West Midlands Police is leading the project, with London’s Metropolitan Police, Greater Manchester Police, and six other branches also involved. The intention for this system to be used by every force in the UK.

If this is sounding a little dystopian, your concerns are matched by the Alan Turing Institute. According to New Scientist, a report from the institute said there were “serious ethical issues” about whether such technology is in the public good. While the intentions are good overall, the report says, it fails to recognise important issues in full, such as inaccurate predictions.

As we’ve reported on before, artificial intelligence can easily reinforce the biases in society rather than act objectively. Amazon’s recent recruiting tool, which used artificial intelligence, had to be scrapped because it penalised women – a result of being trained on data gathered from a society still struggling with sexism in workplaces.

In 2016, nearly all of the 44 winners of an AI-judged beauty contest were white, the reason being that the algorithm was mostly trained with photos of white people; similarly, in 2015, Google’s Photos app mistakenly tagged two black people as gorillas.

Meanwhile police funding in the UK has been cut significantly over recent years, and economically disadvantaged areas suffer the largest cuts to social care. According to Andrew Ferguson at the University of the District of Columbia, arrests correlate where police are stationed and disproportionately affects residents of poor neighbourhoods, so is easy to see how the relationship between crime, economically-challenged neighbourhoods, and a lack of social services could result in this system providing inaccurate results.

The police’s aim to produce a prototype by the end of March next year.


PARIS BURNS: Tear gas fired as riot police tackle 30,000 protestors

French police locked horns with thousands of angry protesters who stormed the streets with placards wearing yellow vests before hurling objects at riot police and starting fires. Shocking images show demonstrators waving an array of flags and ramming metal barriers into police, with some being dragged away from the scene by officers. Paris is currently under a fog of tear gas, with demonstrators also being targeted with water cannons to fire at police. Officers are also seen edging closer to protestors using a wall of their shields