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Slower Police Response Times Highlight Need For Second Amendment

A Dallas, Texas, police officer warned that it was taking his department up to two hours to respond to violent crimes, which underscores the need for the Second Amendment. The officer, Nick Novello, posted a video explaining that slow police response times were a regular occurrence. “I went to the mayor’s office and I showed him three calls. I showed

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UK Police Use AI System to Stop Crime Before It Happens

It sounds like something out of Minority Report, but police in the UK want to try and use artificial-intelligence to prevent violent crimes before they occur. According to a report by New Scientist, the system is called the National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS) and works by using a “combination of AI and statistics” to assess the risk of someone becoming

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PARIS BURNS: Tear gas fired as riot police tackle 30,000 protestors

French police locked horns with thousands of angry protesters who stormed the streets with placards wearing yellow vests before hurling objects at riot police and starting fires. Shocking images show demonstrators waving an array of flags and ramming metal barriers into police, with some being dragged away from the scene by officers. Paris is currently under a fog of tear

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Tijuana Police Arrest 34 Caravan Migrants for Drugs, Drunkenness

Local police officers in Tijuana arrested 34 caravan migrants for misdemeanor charges including drug possession and public drunkenness. They were turned over to Mexican immigration authorities. Through a news release, Tijuana Police revealed that under order from the mayor, they began carrying out various inspections and checkpoints, netting 34 arrests. Some migrants were reportedly in possession of methamphetamine and cocaine.

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Police arrest 900 Syrians in England and Wales for rape, death threats and child abuse 

Officials say the migrants were accused of sickening crimes including rapes and child abuse. Now critics say they are concerned that the thousands of Syrians entering Britain each year under resettlement schemes are being allowed to enter the country unchecked. Among those arrested are four Syrian immigrants have been charged after two 14-year-old girls were allegedly sexually assaulted – just

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Number of Germans killed by foreigners highest in years – police

Number of murders by foreigners is on the rise in Germany, new police figures of closed murder cases reveal amid anti-immigrant protests and counter-rallies in Chemnitz. A total of 731 homicides were registered in Germany last year. In at least 83 of the cases, law enforcement identified at least one non-German suspect, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) revealed to

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