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German Police Officer Blasts Parliament Over Islamists, Open Borders

German society is destabilizing as migrants and jihadists pour in through open borders, warns police officer and politician Martin Hess. Hess, who serves in the Bundestag as a member of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, eviscerated his colleagues from establishment parties during a recent speech on the floor of parliament, accusing them of abdicated their duties to protect citizens

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Civil forfeiture: SC police seize millions, often from innocent people

In South Carolina, civil forfeiture targets black people’s money most of all, exclusive investigative data shows When a man barged into Isiah Kinloch’s apartment and broke a bottle over his head, the North Charleston resident called 911. After cops arrived on that day in 2015, they searched the injured man’s home and found an ounce of marijuana. So they took

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Key Yellow Vest Figure Arrested by Police at Paris Demonstration

Eric Drouet, one of the key figures in the French Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement, has been arrested for organising an event without prior declaration. Mr Drouet, who has been one of the leading figures of the Yellow Vests and has appeared frequently on French media, was taken into custody on Wednesday while heading for the Champs-Élysées after calling for

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Sweden in “State of War” – Police Expert

A top Swedish police officer says his country is effectively in a “state of war” as shooting deaths have reached a new high in the Nordic nation. Gunnar Appelgren, a security specialist and head of Stockholm police force’s gang conflict division, expressed his concern over growing violence in Sweden as the country recorded its 44th shooting death of 2018 –

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Police Hunt Illegal Alien Still At Large After Murder of Calif. Officer

The man suspected of killing Newman Police Officer Ronil Singh may currently be in an area southeast of San Francisco, according to the Stanislaus County sheriff’s department, Police warn he is armed and very dangerous. “This suspect … is in our country illegally,” Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said at a press conference Thursday. “He doesn’t belong here. He is

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Slower Police Response Times Highlight Need For Second Amendment

A Dallas, Texas, police officer warned that it was taking his department up to two hours to respond to violent crimes, which underscores the need for the Second Amendment. The officer, Nick Novello, posted a video explaining that slow police response times were a regular occurrence. “I went to the mayor’s office and I showed him three calls. I showed

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