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Sweden to Import 5,000 Migrants From Middle East, Africa

The Swedish government has announced plans to import 5,000 ‘refugees’ from the Middle East and Africa, many of whom will be flown in from their home countries, according to local media. The ‘resettlement’ plan will be executed during 2019 in close cooperation with the United Nations Refugee Agency, and will see thousands of new migrants imported directly from countries such

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‘Armed migrants holding crew hostage on cargo ship’ in Thames estuary

A cargo ship crew have locked themselves in a cabin after a group of stowaway migrants began threatening them with iron bars. Essex police said they have received no reports of any injuries on board the ship in the Thames estuary, but a spokesman for the ship company said four armed stowaways are threatening staff. The spokesman said the migrants

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Migrants From Caravan Breach US Border

Central American migrants stuck on the threshold of the United States in Mexico breached the border fence on Monday, risking almost certain detention by U.S. authorities but hoping the illegal entry will allow them to apply for asylum. Since mid-October, thousands of Central Americans, mostly from Honduras, have traveled north through Mexico toward the United States in a caravan, some

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Denmark to Banish Criminal Migrants to Remote Island

Criminal migrants awaiting expulsion from Denmark will be held on an isolated island, the Danish government has decided. The island of Lindholm in Stege Bay, some 80 kilometers south of Copenhagen, will serve as a new detention facility by 2021 – after the tiny slice of land (7 hectares) and existing buildings have been decontaminated of African swine fever, rabies,

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Video: Migrants Land Boat On California Beach 100 Miles From Border

Residents of a California beach community witnessed a surprising incident as a small boat packed with illegal aliens made landfall. The migrants made their way to the beach resort located about 100 miles from the Mexican border in a small panga boat. Officials with the Laguna Beach Police Department tweeted a video showing the boat making landfall early Thursday morning

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MEP Warns UN Pact Will Flood Europe With 59 Million Migrants by 2025

British MEP Janice Atkinson warns that the UN Compact on Migration would lead to Europe being flooded with 59 million new migrants within the next 6 years. The document is not legally binding, but governments will be under pressure to follow its dictates. Numerous countries, including the United States and Hungary, have said they will refuse to sign the pact.

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