Migrants Commit 70% of Violent Crimes in Norwegian Capital

Migrants are responsible for 70% of violent crimes committed in Oslo, Norway, according to a study by the country’s largest commercial television broadcaster.

TV2 conducted a review of all verdicts involving serious bodily harm from 2018 until present day, and found that more than two-thirds of perpetrators had migration backgrounds, which is categorized as individuals who have migrated to Norway or those born to two immigrant parents.

Many of the attacks involved knives, bottles, or sharp glass and inflicted “lifelong injuries, deep cuts and cranial fractures.”

“Over two of three gross violent incidents in Oslo were carried out by immigrants,” TV2 reports. “This is despite the fact that, according to Statistics Norway, immigrants make up 33 percent of Oslo’s population.”

Violence researcher Ragnhild Bjørnebekk told TV2 she is not surprised by the figures, asserting that many migrants convicted of violent crimes come from societies where brutality is much more prevalent than in northern Europe.

“They are more vulnerable, they have experienced more trauma,” Bjørnebekk said. “Some of them come from violent cultures, and they take it with them. And then there are some of those who are not Oslo citizens, who come from other countries and only stay here for a few months.”

Parliamentary representative Himanshu Gulati believes officials on Oslo’s city council are to blame due to their support for lax immigration policies, specifically singling out City Councilor Raymond Johansen.

“He must understand that the policy he leads is having consequences,” Gulati said. “If you want to maintain a high immigration to Oslo, then it will be harder to handle the problems we are now seeing.”




Mexican Authorities Relocate Hundreds of Migrants From Border City

Hundreds of Central American migrants encamped in Mexico’s border city of Piedras Negras, across from Eagle Pass, Texas, are being relocated to other cities after a group of migrants rioted earlier this week and attempted to leave an abandoned factory where they were being held.

A senior Mexican government official said Friday that the relocation seeks to disband the group of some 1,400 Central American asylum seekers, most of them from Honduras, and prevent potential mass attempts to rush for the border fence to cross to the U.S., as happened in Tijuana late last year.

The migrants’ arrival in Piedras Negras, in the northern state of Coahuila, threatened to spark a rift between Mexico and the U.S., as President Trump declared a national emergency to build a wall across the border.

On Friday, Mr. Trump thanked Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“I just want to thank the president because he’s been helping us with these monstrous caravans that have been coming up. We had one that was up to over 15,000 people. It’s largely broken up. Others have gotten through,” Mr. Trump said.

Trump Declares National Emergency Over Border Wall

Trump Declares National Emergency Over Border Wall

President Trump declared a national emergency Friday to get more funding for border barriers. Downplaying the significance of past presidents declaring emergencies, Trump said “They sign it. Nobody cares.” Photo: Getty

President Trump declared a national emergency Friday to get more funding for border barriers. Downplaying the significance of past presidents declaring emergencies, Trump said “They sign it. Nobody cares.” Photo: Getty

President Trump declared a national emergency Friday to get more funding for border barriers. Downplaying the significance of past presidents declaring emergencies, Trump said “They sign it. Nobody cares.” Photo: Getty

President Trump declared a national emergency Friday to get more funding for border barriers. Downplaying the significance of past presidents declaring emergencies, Trump said “They sign it. Nobody cares.” Photo: Getty

President Trump declared a national emergency Friday to get more funding for border barriers. Downplaying the significance of past presidents declaring emergencies, Trump said “They sign it. Nobody cares.” Photo: Getty

A spokesman for Mr. López Obrador didn’t immediately respond to several calls seeking comment.

Mexico granted some 13,000 humanitarian visas for Central American migrants who arrived at its southern border in January in an attempt to persuade them to stay and work in Mexico. They largely split in smaller groups, with many continuing their journey north to try to seek asylum in the U.S. and others staying in Mexico. Another group of some 2,500 migrants has encamped in an improvised shelter in Mexico City.

Late Thursday, some 140 migrants stranded in Piedras Negras were sent by bus some 270 miles south to Saltillo, Coahuila’s state capital, immigration and state officials said. Another 150 people were relocated some 265 miles to the east, in the border town of Reynosa, in neighboring Tamaulipas state. The northern cities of Monterrey and Hermosillo will also receive migrants in the coming days, the officials said.

Most of the migrants are being sent to shelters run by charities. Authorities are offering them jobs so they can live by their own means, said a Coahuila state official.

Coahuila state authorities helped migrants to reach Piedras Negras earlier this month by providing them with buses in what some saw as an erratic response from both local and federal authorities.

“The Mexican government is struggling to address the phenomenon of large numbers of migrants traveling in caravans in the country,” said Maureen Meyer, the head for Mexico at The Washington Office on Latin America, an advocacy group. To prevent further incidents, the government should develop a strategy to address shelter and safety concerns in border cities and “dramatically improve intergovernmental communication and coordination,” she said.

At Eagle Pass, on the U.S. side of the border, U.S. troops were ordered to put up concertina wire and provide support for Customs and Border Protection. There are some 4,350 active-duty U.S. troops on the border, including some 250 in Eagle Pass, according to the Pentagon.

The migrants in Piedras Negras have already spent 10 days at the abandoned factory, surrounded by hundreds of Mexican federal and state police officers. Immigration officials said most of these migrants entered Mexico illegally in late January.

A Central American migrant at a shelter in Piedras Negras.
A Central American migrant at a shelter in Piedras Negras. PHOTO: JULIO CESAR AGUILAR/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

Some 1,700 migrants arrived in the city in early February but around 1,400 remain in the city. So far only 340 have received humanitarian visas to stay and work in Mexico, an immigration official said.

Tension in the shelter erupted earlier this week when a group of migrants rebelled and tried to overwhelm Mexican forces. TV images showed the migrants trying to knock down a fence while police contained the group. Four people were wounded.

Many migrants in Piedras Negras are disappointed after a long and treacherous journey through more than 1,750 miles from San Pedro Sula, the Honduran city from where the caravan started out on Jan. 14.

“We want to get out. We didn’t make this long journey for this,” said one migrant reached by telephone who declined to be named.

Some of those who got their Mexican visas are trying to enter illegally into the U.S. Last week, a family with two babies was rescued by U.S. Border Patrol agents while they were trying to cross the Rio Grande, the agency said.

Meanwhile, shelters that are receiving the migrants are asking Mexican authorities for help. “We need food and tents, we can’t do this alone,” said Héctor Silva, who heads a shelter in Reynosa run by evangelical Christians.



Germany: Migrants ‘may have fuelled violent crime rise’

Migrants may be responsible for most of a recent rise in violent crime in Germany, research commissioned by the government suggests.

The study used data from Lower Saxony, a state where more than 90% of the rise was attributed to young male migrants.

The researchers say the findings are not surprising because many migrants who arrived in Germany in recent years are single males aged 14-30.

This group is most likely to commit crime, irrespective of nationality.

The researchers also said that migrants were twice as likely to be reported to police for alleged violent crimes as German nationals.

The report comes as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right CDU/CSU prepares for coalition talks with the centre-left SPD.

Both groups were seen as being hurt by their apparently liberal migration policies in September’s election.

What figures did the report use?

The report used statistics from Lower Saxony – regarded as an average state – where police saw an increase of 10.4% in reported violent crimes in 2015 and 2016.

Based on figures from the state’s interior ministry, which keeps a separate record of alleged crimes by migrants, the report suggested that 92.1% of this increase was attributable to migrants.

Lower Saxony has seen a significant increase in arrivals of migrants in recent years.

However, the researchers also said that a third of all victims of violent crimes by migrants were other migrants.

What conclusions did the report reach?

The researchers said that the best chance of reducing violent crime among migrants was to offer more help with integration through language courses, sport and apprenticeships.

But it said that many male migrants fell into the 14-30 age category, the most likely to commit violent crime.

The lack of women and families among the migrants also meant that those young men were deprived of a “violence-preventing, civilising force”, the study said.



Finland Offering Bribes, Plane Tickets to Migrants to Go Home

Finland is offering substantial monetary incentives to migrants in the hopes they will return to their home countries voluntarily.

The Finnish Immigration Service has announced large increases in cash and commodity subsidies for 2019, in some cases double those of 2018 offerings.

Migrants who are unable to fund their return trip home can receive up to 2,000 euros cash and a free plane ticket if they are from a lengthy list of “Group A” countries, which include Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

Alternately, they can opt to receive “commodity support” of as much as 5,000 euros to cover expenses such as “assistance in finding an apartment” or “setting up your own business.”

Additional sums are offered on a per-child basis.

“We want to encourage going home because it is always a cheaper option than returning to the police or staying here illegally,” Tarja Rantala, project manager of the Volunteer Return to Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia project, told YLE.

“We have many in the reception system with many negative decisions and it becomes expensive. One day at the reception center is 50 euros per head, so at 100 days it will already be 5,000 euros.”

YLE reports the Finnish government distributed some 5.3 million euros between 2016 and 2018 in voluntary return support and flights for migrants, the vast majority of whom were Iraqis.

However, a steep drop-off in voluntary returns from 1,422 in 2017 to 646 in 2018 has raised concerns over where rejected asylum seekers are going.

“A significantly larger number – about 7,400 people since 2015 – has simply disappeared,” YLE reports. “They have either stayed in Finland without a residence permit, returned to their home country, or they have left Finland for the rest of Europe.”

“Police data supports the latter. In 2016–2018, more than 5,100 asylum seekers were found in other EU countries. EU countries are trying to return these people to Finland, which is responsible for their removal from the EU.”

An explosive ‘grooming gang’ crisis is currently rocking Finland as a slew of investigations into migrant men sexually abusing children as young as 10 have been opened in the cities of Oulu, Helsinki, and beyond.

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Sweden to Import 5,000 Migrants From Middle East, Africa

The Swedish government has announced plans to import 5,000 ‘refugees’ from the Middle East and Africa, many of whom will be flown in from their home countries, according to local media.

The ‘resettlement’ plan will be executed during 2019 in close cooperation with the United Nations Refugee Agency, and will see thousands of new migrants imported directly from countries such as Afghanistan, Egypt, and Turkey, if 2018 patterns are followed.

“The government has today decided to instruct the Migration Board to also ‘resettle’ 5,000 people to Sweden in 2019,” reports Fria Tider.

“Through the migration policy agreement in autumn 2015 between the government, the Moderates, the Center Party, the People’s Party, the Liberals and the Christian Democrats, it was stated that Sweden would gradually increase the number of quota refugees to 5,000 people per year before the end of the mandate.”

Swedish Minister of Immigration Helene Fritzon praised the move and lauded her nation as a top destination for ‘refugees.’

“It is about providing protection for the most vulnerable refugees while taking joint responsibility in the EU, together with the major refugee countries in the world,” Fritzon said.

‘Refugees’ will be screened prior to transport to ensure they are physically capable of air travel, according to Migration Board documents.

“Before a person travels to his new home country, the International Organization for Migration examines whether he or she is able to handle a flight,” the Board explains. “This includes finding out if the person is pregnant at a late stage or having a disease that makes it impossible to travel.”

“The Swedish Immigration Service or Swedish Embassy issues a permit or a provisional alien passport and the International Organization for Migration arranges the travel refugee trip. A Swedish municipality receives at the airport. The municipality has a residence for refugees and now the integration work begins.”

Sweden, with a population of 10 million, accepted some 165,000 migrants in 2015 alone, the highest per capita intake of any European country.

Tens of thousands of migrants continue to pour in to the Nordic nation, which has fueled a stunning spike in violent crime, sexual assault, and gang warfare.



‘Armed migrants holding crew hostage on cargo ship’ in Thames estuary

A cargo ship crew have locked themselves in a cabin after a group of stowaway migrants began threatening them with iron bars.

Essex police said they have received no reports of any injuries on board the ship in the Thames estuary, but a spokesman for the ship company said four armed stowaways are threatening staff.

The spokesman said the migrants were demanding the Italian vessel, called the Grande Tema, went closer to the Kent coast so they could swim to shore.

The ship set off from Lagos in Nigeria last Monday, and is currently off the coast of Margate in Kent. Paul Kyprianou, a spokesman for Grimaldi Lines, the operator of the ship, told Sky News: ‘We found four stowaways on the vessel.

‘The vessel was coming from Nigeria and was bound to Tilbury and those four stowaways were in the cabin, and today they managed to escape from the cabin and they started threatening the crew, requesting the master of the vessel navigating very close to the coast.

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Migrants From Caravan Breach US Border

Central American migrants stuck on the threshold of the United States in Mexico breached the border fence on Monday, risking almost certain detention by U.S. authorities but hoping the illegal entry will allow them to apply for asylum.

Since mid-October, thousands of Central Americans, mostly from Honduras, have traveled north through Mexico toward the United States in a caravan, some walking much of the long trek.

U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to stop the migrants entering, sending troops to reinforce the border and attempting a procedural change, so far denied by the courts, to require asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while their cases are heard.

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Denmark to Banish Criminal Migrants to Remote Island

Criminal migrants awaiting expulsion from Denmark will be held on an isolated island, the Danish government has decided.

The island of Lindholm in Stege Bay, some 80 kilometers south of Copenhagen, will serve as a new detention facility by 2021 – after the tiny slice of land (7 hectares) and existing buildings have been decontaminated of African swine fever, rabies, and a variety of other animal-borne diseases that have been studied there by researchers for over 90 years.

Danish Finance Minister Kristian Jensen told BT that migrants convicted of crimes and returning jihadists will be transferred to Lindholm, where officers and employees of the Prison and Probation Service will oversee operations.

“They will not be in jail,” Jensen explained. “There will be a ferry service back and forth to the island, but the ferry will not operate 24 hours a day and you must be at the center at night. Then we have more control of where they are.”

The Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti) tweeted their approval of the decision, along with a short cartoon video.

“Expelled, criminal aliens have no reason to be in Denmark. Until we can get rid of them, we now move them out on the island Lindholm in Stege Bay, where they will be obliged to stay at the new exit centre at night. And there will be police present around the clock. Great!”



Video: Migrants Land Boat On California Beach 100 Miles From Border

Residents of a California beach community witnessed a surprising incident as a small boat packed with illegal aliens made landfall. The migrants made their way to the beach resort located about 100 miles from the Mexican border in a small panga boat.

Officials with the Laguna Beach Police Department tweeted a video showing the boat making landfall early Thursday morning and 13 illegal aliens running on shore. Police say that U.S. Border Patrol agents responded quickly and took custody of seven of the migrants and two suspected human smugglers who were allegedly waiting to pick up the migrants, the Orange County Register reported.

Laguna Beach Emergency Operations Coordinator Jordan Villwock told the local newspaper, “They (local residents) saw two men running for the cliffs. Officers were on scene in five minutes and immediately detained the two men who had ditched their life vests on the sand.”

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