Germany Rocked by Six Stabbings, Gang Rape Over Weekend

Germany was the scene of at least six stabbings and a gang rape in the span of a single weekend, according to local media and police.

Stabbings in the cities of Frankfurt, Cologne, Lingen, Nuremberg, and Mühlheim sent at least five victims to the hospital, with one more discovered dead at the scene, and a gang rape is being investigated in Viersen.

In Frankfurt, the body of a woman was discovered in front of her apartment after neighbors reported screaming to police.

Officers later arrested a male suspect who is reportedly her former partner.

“The autopsy on Monday revealed that the 32-year-old was killed by a cut on the neck, the prosecutor said,” Hessenschau reports.

Also in Frankfurt, a 19-year-old suspect turned himself in to police, indicating he may have been responsible for stabbing a 22-year-old victim during a dispute, according to Bild.

In Nuremberg, a 25-year-old Iraqi migrant was arrested following a manhunt after a woman, 21, was stabbed while walking home with a friend.


Germany Wants UK Military ‘as Close as Possible’ After Brexit

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen on Friday told DW that Europe was working on ways to continue defense cooperation with the United Kingdom in the event of Brexit.

“We are working on a regulation — the so-called third-state regulation — that gives access to countries like our British friends, which we want to have in our European Defense Union,” von der Leyen said. “This is the goal to have our British friends as close as possible.”

Von der Leyen was speaking after she opened the Munich Security Conference alongside British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson. During his speech, Williamson urged Germany to continue military cooperation at a European level outside of NATO and the EU.

“Whilst the UK is leaving the EU, I want to start by saying our commitment to European security remains steadfast,” said Williamson. “We will continue to step out into the world protecting our friends, defending our interests, standing-up for our values.”

But Williamson also appealed for closer European military integration — an unpopular idea among many supporters of Brexit — not to come at the expense of European NATO members that are not in the EU; a status that already applies to Turkey and Norway, and that looms for the UK.


Germany: Migrants ‘may have fuelled violent crime rise’

Migrants may be responsible for most of a recent rise in violent crime in Germany, research commissioned by the government suggests.

The study used data from Lower Saxony, a state where more than 90% of the rise was attributed to young male migrants.

The researchers say the findings are not surprising because many migrants who arrived in Germany in recent years are single males aged 14-30.

This group is most likely to commit crime, irrespective of nationality.

The researchers also said that migrants were twice as likely to be reported to police for alleged violent crimes as German nationals.

The report comes as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right CDU/CSU prepares for coalition talks with the centre-left SPD.

Both groups were seen as being hurt by their apparently liberal migration policies in September’s election.

What figures did the report use?

The report used statistics from Lower Saxony – regarded as an average state – where police saw an increase of 10.4% in reported violent crimes in 2015 and 2016.

Based on figures from the state’s interior ministry, which keeps a separate record of alleged crimes by migrants, the report suggested that 92.1% of this increase was attributable to migrants.

Lower Saxony has seen a significant increase in arrivals of migrants in recent years.

However, the researchers also said that a third of all victims of violent crimes by migrants were other migrants.

What conclusions did the report reach?

The researchers said that the best chance of reducing violent crime among migrants was to offer more help with integration through language courses, sport and apprenticeships.

But it said that many male migrants fell into the 14-30 age category, the most likely to commit violent crime.

The lack of women and families among the migrants also meant that those young men were deprived of a “violence-preventing, civilising force”, the study said.


Germany: Syrian Refugees Attack Nightclub, Beat Guests, Shout “Allahu Akbar!”

Muslim migrants armed with knives and metal bars attacked a nightclub in Frankfurt while screaming “Allahu Akbar” and “we are Arabs, we’ll kill you all!” during chaotic scenes in Frankfurt last week.

The incident began when two Syrian refugees started an argument in the Frog club, which was hosting a 90’s night, and “started provoking and harassing guests,” the club owner Dirk Schöbe told Berliner Morgenpost.

The two men began screaming, “we are Arabs, we’ll kill you all!” as guests panicked.

The culprits initially left the club but then returned with a large group of friends. Around 10 migrants armed with iron bars and knives then shouted, “We’ll kill you, we’ll kill you” and “Allahu Akbar,” which is Arabic for ‘God is great’ and is a mantra often said by terrorists immediately before an attack.

According to the chief prosecutor in the case, guests were then attacked and beaten while the gang threw stones at the building and at the victims.

“It was a war scene,” said Schöbe, adding, “We were celebrating ’90s – and suddenly we were in the war zone, not in our hometown, it was spooky.”

Several guests attempted to hide under cars while others sought refuge within the nightclub as the migrants attempted to stab people.

“It was pure horror, sheer horror, people were hit by stones, it was indiscriminate,” said Schöbe.

“We had to see if there were any dead or seriously injured people,” he added, noting that it was “unbelievable luck” nobody was seriously injured.

According to the prosecutor, all ten of the attackers were Syrian refugees.

After the two men who initially caused the argument attacked a nightclub visitor in the street the next day, they were arrested by police. One of the men had previously attacked someone with a baseball bat in August.


Germany Selling Iran Chemical Weapons

U.S. officials are increasingly alarmed by a congressional block on President Donald Trump’s pick to be the next ambassador to Germany, a holdup that comes as Berlin pursues a host of anti-Israel measures and is growing closer to Iran, according to multiple administration insiders who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

As Democrats in Congress continue to hold the nomination of Richard Grenell, a veteran Republican diplomat who was tapped by Trump to serve as the next U.S. ambassador to Germany, the post remains vacant, sparking concerns the United States is ceding leverage amid sensitive discussions regarding the future of the landmark Iran nuclear deal.

The vacancy also has left the United States with little voice to combat a series of anti-Israel efforts being pursued by the German government. Trump administration insiders are becoming increasingly fed-up with the block on Grenell, telling the Free Beacon that U.S. diplomats currently helming the post have been bungling critical national security priorities, including the Iran portfolio and recent efforts by Germany to sell Tehran sensitive equipment used by the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria to produce chemical weapons.

“The current leader of the embassy is not an ambassador,” said one senior U.S. official with direct knowledge of the situation, referring to Kent Logsdon, a former Obama administration official who is serving as the chargé d’affaires ad interim in Berlin.


Minister raises ire with Islam ‘not part of Germany’ broadside

“Islam is not part of Germany. Christianity has shaped Germany including Sunday as a day of rest, church holidays, and rituals such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas,” he said.

“The Muslims who live among us are naturally part of Germany. But that of course does not mean that we, out of a false sense of deference, should sacrifice our traditions and customs.”

Germany’s Muslim community is estimated to count about 4.5 million members, around 1.8 million of whom are German citizens.

Most are descendants of Turkish so-called “guest workers” invited to Germany in the 1960s and 1970s.


Dems obstructing confirmation on Trump’s openly-gay nominee for Ambassador to Germany

So why is Grenell being held up? Is it just part of the Schumer-led Democrats’ blanket obstructionism? Or is there something more at play here?

Grenell, the former spokesman for the allied coalition in Iraq, and spokesman for the US Ambassador to the UN under President George W. Bush, also happens to be an openly gay conservative Republican.

And Democrats can’t have that.

Hewitt took to Twitter to lay out the dangerous nature of Democrats playing identity politics with this critical diplomatic post:


Germany’s Bild under pressure over ‘fake news’

Germany’s biggest-selling daily Bild came under pressure on Wednesday after a satirical magazine claimed it made up emails published by the newspaper that suggested Russian meddling in German politics.

Bild on Friday ran a story “New dirty campaign at the SPD”, pointing to email exchanges purportedly between the chief of the Social Democrats’ youth wing, Kevin Kuehnert, and a Russian named “Juri”.

The newspaper said it had seen screenshots of the emails provided by an anonymous source that apparently showed the Russian offering to back Kuehnert’s campaign against a plan by the SPD’s leadership to join Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition.

The daily also quoted another email purportedly from the youth leader saying that the support would be helpful.

At the end of the article, however, Bild said “there is no proof of the authenticity of the emails”.

Asked by the newspaper, Kuehnert’s spokesman had denied any such email exchanges involving the SPD youth chief. The SPD also said it was filing a possible complaint.

On Wednesday, satire magazine Titanic blasted Bild for falling for its fake emails.


Workers of Germany, Unite: The New Siren Call of the Far Right

Guido Reil is a coal miner, like his father and grandfather before him. He joined a trade union at 18 and the center-left Social Democratic Party at 20. Fast-talking and loud, he has been an elected union representative for over a decade.

But two years ago, after the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees in Germany, Mr. Reil switched to the far-right Alternative for Germany party, or AfD. Competing in state legislative elections last May, the party won 20 percent of the vote in his home district with his name on its list — and the Social Democrats slipped 16 percentage points from a previous election.

“Those are my former comrades,” Mr. Reil said, chuckling. “They came with me.”


Germany’s SPD wants Merkel to sweeten coalition deal

Merkel, SPD head Martin Schulz and the leader of her Bavarian CSU allies, Horst Seehofer, will meet on Monday and the full talks may start as early as Tuesday.

The conservatives have insisted they will not give ground, but Schulz said negotiations would be starting anew.

“We will talk about all the topics we addressed in the exploratory talks again,” he said.