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Murdoch’s News Corp calls for Google breakup

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has called for Google to be broken up in Australia, the latest salvo in a battle between the corporate media giants. In a petition to Australian regulators, News Corp’s local subsidiary complained that “Google enjoys overwhelming market power in both online search and ad tech services.” Going a step further, the company accused Google of “abusing

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HHS Extends Contract to Make ‘Humanized Mice’ With Aborted Baby Parts for Another 90 Days

The Department of Health and Human Services says it has granted a second 90-day extension to a contract it has with the University of California at San Francisco that requires UCSF to make “humanized mice.” These creatures are made by implanting mice with human tissues taken from late-term aborted babies. The HHS’s multi-million-dollar contract with UCSF that requires the construction

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Bush Lawyer Calls For Trump “To Be Removed Under 25th Amendment”

The attempted coup against President Trump continues to unfold with more obstructers calling for Trump to be removed from office by his own cabinet. The latest to do so is former George W. Bush ethics czar Richard Painter, who declared Monday that Trump should be forced to resign because he is “not well”, a long ago worn out tactic that

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“Time for Talks is Over” – Escalation between Pakistan and India

At least nine Indian troops and Kashmir militants died during a shootout on Monday, as tensions escalated following a suicide bombing attack that killed more than 40 Indian paramilitaries last week. The fighting went on for several hours in the Pulwama district, south of India-administered Kashmir’s main city of Srinaga, where Indian soldiers were searching for militants tied to the

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Elizabeth Warren calls for using 25th Amendment to remove Trump

Sen. Elizabeth Warren supports removing President Donald Trump from office despite having no justifiable or legal reason to do so. While speaking to a local news outlet on Sunday following a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 2020 presidential candidate was asked about fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe saying Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and others at the Department

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