Warren Proposes Universal Child Care Plan Funded by Wealth Tax

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren proposed a universal child care plan that would limit American families’ expenses to 7 percent of income regardless of how many children they have in care — paid for by a tax on the ultra-wealthy.

The Massachusetts senator’s plan, unveiled Tuesday on Medium.com, would make child care free for families with incomes below 200 percent of the poverty level, or less than $51,500 for a family of four. Other families would pay up to 7 percent of income, depending on how much they earn.

The proposal marks the latest policy entry into a 2020 contest that features scores of progressive Democrats competing over how best to mitigate income inequality and expand the economic safety net for working families. Americans pay nearly as much for child care as they do for rent, with the average cost of child care in the U.S. approaching $1,400 a month, according to a 2018 HotPads analysis of a Care.com state and metro area pricing index.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Holds Organizing Events In Iowa

Warren’s economic populist vision, paired with fierce attacks on corporations and wealthy Americans who she says are rigging the system for self-interest, is at the heart of her campaign, which has already drawn attacks from President Donald Trump.

Warren’s plan would cost taxpayers $70 billion per year, according to an analysis by Moody’s Analytics economists Mark Zandi and Sophia Koropeckyj. It would be paid for with some of the revenue from an annual wealth tax Warren has proposed on assets above $50 million, the person said.

The proposal would “substantially increase the number of children able to receive formal child care” from 6.8 million (or one-third of those under 5 years old) to 12 million (or 60 percent of children under 5), the economists said. It would cut formal care costs for families with young children by about 17 percent.

In an email to supporters, Warren said her proposal would include locally licensed child care centers, preschools and in-home child care facilities with governments, school districts, nonprofits, tribes and faith-based organizations to create a network of care options. Local communities would be in charge and held to national standards, Warren said.

It would be set up as a federal program, built on existing ones like Head Start and administered by local governments and nonprofit entities.




YouTube Facilitates Softcore Child Porn Exploitation Network, Says Content Creator

A YouTube content creator is accusing the video platform of facilitating a soft-core child porn exploitation network right out in the open.

YouTuber Matt Watson AKA “MattsWhatItIs” says he’s discovered “a wormhole into a soft-core pedophilia ring on Youtube,” in a viral video that’s garnered nearly 1 million views in under 24 hours.

“Youtube’s recommended algorithm is facilitating pedophiles’ ability to connect with each-other, trade contact info, and link to actual [child porn] in the comments,” the video’s description reads.

He claims certain searches eventually yield suggested videos which then allow users to tap into the international underground network.

TechCrunch confirmed it was “easily able to replicate the YouTube algorithm’s behavior that Watson describes in a history-cleared private browser session which, after clicking on two videos of adult women in bikinis, suggested we watch a video called ‘sweet sixteen pool party.’”

“Videos we got recommended in this side-bar included thumbnails showing young girls demonstrating gymnastics poses, showing off their ‘morning routines,’ or licking popsicles or ice lollies.”

Furthermore, MattsWhatItIs claims the videos are being monetized, with ads from major corporations such as McDonald’s, Disney, Purina, Ikea and other companies appearing in the content.

Due to the sensitive nature of the content, Infowars will not directly embed MattsWhatItIs’ analysis, but his video is available HERE for your viewing.

“It doesn’t matter that they flag videos and turn off the comments, these videos are still being monetized, and more importantly they are still available for users to watch,” says MattsWhatItIs.

Though the videos on the surface are innocuous, the content is characterized as sexual by the users’ many pedophiliac comments, which also include specific timestamps indicating when the girls are in what they view as sexually suggestive positions.

Google and YouTube did not return Infowars’ request for comment as of writing.

A spokesman for YouTube told TechCrunch it’s “reviewing its policies in light of what Watson has highlighted, adding that it’s in the process of reviewing the specific videos and comments featured in his video — specifying also that some content has been taken down as a result of the review.

“However, the spokesman emphasized that the majority of the videos flagged by Watson are innocent recordings of children doing everyday things. (Though of course the problem is that innocent content is being repurposed and time-sliced for abusive gratification and exploitation.),” TechCrunch reported.



Four Jailed From Grooming Gang in UK Child Rape Scandal

Another 4 more scumbags have been jailed in Huddersfield for abusing young girls.

The men were convicted of 10 offensescarried out between 2004 and 2010 in Leeds Crown Court.

Offenses include sexual assault, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, trafficking for sexual exploitation and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

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Asylum seeker brutally rapes CHILD who was teaching him German

A 27-year-old asylum seeker in Bückeburg in Germany, admits to forcing a 13-year-old girl to have sex with him, news outlet Unser Tirol reports.

The young girl and the migrant met at the local refugee relief centre and they met several times. The migrant said he wanted to learn the German language.

But when he had the chance, his real intentions came to light. He attacked and raped the 13-year-old girl in the room of her friend in Bückeburg.

“My daughter said that he held her and locked the door,” the girl’s mother is quoted by the Schaumburg News . “He forced her as she said, ‘No, I do not want that.’”

The man claims he did not know that his victim was only 13-years-old. “I thought she was 18 or 19. She looked grown-up,” he says in German court.

The accused must now be proven guilty by the court. Prosecutor Karin Dubben accuses the asylum seeker of severe sexual abuse of a child.

The 27-year-old had “complete sexual intercourse” and “used force” during it, according to the prosecutor.



Police arrest 900 Syrians in England and Wales for rape, death threats and child abuse 

Officials say the migrants were accused of sickening crimes including rapes and child abuse.

Now critics say they are concerned that the thousands of Syrians entering Britain each year under resettlement schemes are being allowed to enter the country unchecked.

Among those arrested are four Syrian immigrants have been charged after two 14-year-old girls were allegedly sexually assaulted – just yards from Newcastle United’s stadium.

Police have arrested 900 Syrians in the past year.

The UK Government is working to resettle up to 20,000 Syrian refugees in the UK by the end of the Parliament in 2020, under its Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement scheme.

Official statistics show that 1,602 people had been resettled in the UK under the scheme by the end of March 2016.

According to Parliamentary research paper it is possible for Syrians to claim asylum upon arrival or after-entry to the UK.

Erna Solberg, Angela Merkel, David Cameron and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met in February

It states: “Syrian nationals were the sixth-largest group of asylum applicants in the year ending March 2016, 2,539 main applicants.

“87 per cent of initial asylum decisions in Syrian cases gave permission to remain in the UK.

“The UK Government continues to commit a significant amount of international aid to assistance programmes in the regions neighbouring Syria, arguing that this is preferable to encouraging Syrian refugees to make dangerous journeys to Europe.

“The UK has committed over £2.3 billion to helping refugees in Syria and the region, making it the second largest bilateral donor to the Syrian refugee crisis.”

The figure of 900 came from a Freedom of Information request by the Sun on Sunday.

But UKIP MEP Ray Finch has said: “The Government seems have not to have vetted those it has invited into the country.”

Earlier this year the UK government invited world leaders to discuss the continued crisis in war torn Syria.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attended a symposium in London where they discussed the refugee crisis.



Parents Demand Netflix Drop Movie Depicting “Child Porn”

An advocacy group demanded Netflix’s CEO remove a film showing “child porn” which, according to the group, depicts “a nine-year-old girl masturbating to the point of orgasm.”

Parent Television Council’s (PTC) letterdescribed the specific scene that warrants the removal of the Argentinian movie “Desire.”

“No doubt you have learned of this controversial film, and the aforementioned scene has been publicly described thusly: ‘Two young girls, approximately ages seven and nine, are watching a western on television and are pretending their pillows are horses. The older girl begins to obviously masturbate as the younger child watches. The camera even takes this scene into a closeup of the child’s face in slow motion, moving up and down and panting like a porn star. The scene is graphic and includes an orgasm.’”

The letter further warned that Netflix was potentially involved in “criminal activity” by streaming such content that placed “profits above responsibility.”

“…Now Netflix has gone from merely showing a reckless disregard for the millions of families that keep your streaming platform alive and viable, and callously placing profits ahead of any sense of corporate responsibility, to potentially engaging in criminal activity.”

Conversely, the film’s director, Diego Kaplan, stressed he anticipated such controversy and the scene was done under the supervision of the girls’ mothers.

Addressing a concern no-one had, director Diego Kaplan said the material in question was a work of fiction and never actually happened.

“‘Despair’ is a film. When we see a shark eating a woman on film, no one thinks the woman really died or that the shark was real. We work in a world of fiction; and, for me, before being a director comes being a father,” saidKaplan in a statement to IndieWire. “Of course this scene was filmed using a trick, which was that the girls were copying a cowboy scene… The girls never understood what they were doing, they were just copying what they were seeing on the screen.”

“No adult interacted with the girls, other than the child acting coach. Everything was done under the careful surveillance of the girls’ mothers. Because I knew this scene might cause some controversy at some point, there is ‘Making Of’ footage of the filming of the entire scene.”

Disregarding the controversial subject matter PTC and others on social mediawere concerned with, Kaplan instead called out his accusers as depraved.

“Everything works inside the spectators’ heads, and how you think this scene was filmed will depend on your level of depravity,” concluded Kaplan.



Child sodomized by classmates; assaults recorded on school-issued iPads

A Grandville kindergarten student was sodomized by fellow classmates, with portions of the assaults recorded and shared, leading the boy to “cover himself with mulch’’ to avoid more harassment, according to a lawsuit filed this week.



Congress moves to ban child-sex dolls and robots

One of the great legislative challenges of history, from the Hittite abominations to the regulation of internet porn, has been anticipating the latent evils unleashed by man’s ingenuity. Now, child sex dolls—robots engineered to warm to the human touch and disturbingly lifelike in their prepubescent features—are being marketed to pedophiles. Made overseas, they’re increasingly prevalent stateside.

Republican Dan Donovan of Staten Island, a federal prosecutor for 20 years before his election to the House in 2015, has made it his mission to sound the warning about child sex dolls. “When I saw articles on the issues of child sex dolls abroad, I knew I had to act immediately to stop the proliferation of them within the United States,” Donovan said in an email to THE WEEKLY STANDARD. (They’re already illegal in the United Kingdom and hotly debated in Canada.)

To wit, Donovan has proposed the Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots (CREEPER) Act to ban their import and make possession of them illegal. Donovan spent an entire career locking up pedophiles and he says that, “Every case has stayed with me—there is no situation where a child was hurt or victimized that doesn’t leave your thoughts.” And now, as then, he adds: “I will do everything possible to stop crimes against children.”



Turkish President condemned for child martyrdom comments

She has a Turkish flag in her pocket too… If she’s martyred, they’ll lay a flag on her, God willing,’ he said during the congress in the southern town of Kahramanmaras on Saturday.

‘She is ready for everything, isn’t she?’ The girl replied: ‘Yes.’

Mr Erdogan then kissed her face and let her go.

The president’s comments were immediately condemned on twitter – one person likened them to child abuse while another sad the president was wrong to says ‘God willing’ to the death of a child.

The president’s actions were also criticised by the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) that opposes Ankara’s operation in the Afrin region.

‘The mindset that abuses children by promising them death will lose,’ the party said in a tweet.



Mines Linked to Child Labor Are Thriving in Rush for Car Batteries

The appetite for electric cars is driving a boom in small-scale cobalt production in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where some mines have been found to be dangerous and employ child labor.

Production from so-called artisanal mines probably rose by at least half last year, according to the estimates of officials at three of the biggest international suppliers of the metal, who asked not to be named because they’re not authorized to speak on the matter. State-owned miner Gecamines estimates artisanal output accounted for as much as a quarter of the country’s total production in 2017.

That’s a concern for carmakers from Volkswagen AG to Tesla Inc., who are seeking to secure long-term supplies of the battery ingredient but don’t want to be enmeshed in a scandal about unethical mining practices. Tech giants including Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. endured bad publicity after a 2016 Amnesty International report said children were being sent down some Congolese mines to dig for cobalt destined for their gadgets. Pit and tunnel collapses killed dozens of workers in 2015, the advocacy group said.



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