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Conservatives face a tough fight as Big Tech’s censorship expands

As Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives becomes ever more flagrant and overt, the old arguments about protecting the sanctity of the modern public square are now invalid. Our right to freely engage in public discourse through speech is under sustained attack, necessitating a vigorous defense against the major social media and internet platforms.

From “shadowbans” on Facebook and Twitter, to demonetization of YouTube videos, to pulled ads for Republican candidates at the critical junctures of election campaigns, the list of violations against the online practices and speech of conservatives is long.

I certainly had my suspicions confirmed when Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, “accidentally” censored a post I made regarding the Jussie Smollett hoax, which consequently led to me hearing from hundreds of my followers about how they’ve been having problems seeing, liking or being able to interact with my posts. Many of them even claimed that they’ve had to repeatedly refollow me, as Instagram keeps unfollowing me on their accounts.

While nothing about Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives truly surprises me anymore, it’s still chilling to see the proof for yourself. If it can happen to me, the son of the president, with millions of followers on social media, just think about how bad it must be for conservatives with smaller followings and those who don’t have the soapbox or media reach to push back when they’re being targeted?

Thanks to a brave Facebook whistleblower who approached James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, we now know that Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant developed algorithms to “deboost” certain content, limiting its distribution and appearance in news feeds. As you probably guessed, this stealth censorship was specifically aimed at conservatives.

Facebook appears to have deliberately tailored its algorithm to recognize the syntax and style popular among conservatives in order to “deboost” that content. “Mainstream media,” “SJW” (Social Justice Warrior) and “red pill” — all terms that conservatives often use to express themselves — were listed as red flags, according to the former Facebook insider.

Facebook engineers even cited BlazeTV host Lauren Chen’s video criticizing the social justice movement as an example of the kind of “red pills” that users just aren’t allowed to drop anymore. Mainstream conservative content was strangled in real time, yet fringe leftists such as the Young Turks enjoy free rein on the social media platform.

Despite the occasional brave gesture, politicians have been far too sluggish in recognizing the extent of the problem. But the Republican Party and the conservative movement are becoming more vigilant against the suppression of our speech, as we saw at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Silicon Valley lobbyists have splashed millions of dollars all over the Washington swamp to play on conservatives’ innate faith in the free-market system and respect for private property. Even as Big Tech companies work to exclude us from the town square of the 21st century, they’ve been able to rely on misguided conservatives to carry water for them with irrelevant pedantry about whether the First Amendment applies in cases of social media censorship.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) has been making a name for himself as a Republican prepared to stand up to Big Tech malfeasance since his time as Missouri’s attorney general. He delivered a tour de force interview with The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel in front of the CPAC crowd, one that provided a clear-eyed assessment of the ongoing affront to the freedoms of conservative speech and expression.

Hawley demolished the absurd notion that “conservative principles” preclude taking action to ensure free debate online simply because Big Tech firms — the most powerful corporations in the world — are private companies.

Hawley pointed out that Big Tech companies already enjoy “sweetheart deals” under current regulations that make their malfeasance a matter of public concern. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, for instance, allows them to avoid liability for the content that users post to their platforms. To address this problem, Hawley proposed adding a viewpoint neutrality requirement for platforms that benefit from Section 230’s protections, which were originally enacted to protect the internet as “a forum for a true diversity of political discourse.”

“Google and Facebook should not be a law unto themselves,” Hawley declared. “They should not be able to discriminate against conservatives. They should not be able to tell us we need to sit down and shut up!”

It’s high time other conservative politicians started heeding Hawley’s warnings, because the logical endpoint of Big Tech’s free rein is far more troubling than conservative meme warriors losing their Twitter accounts. As we’re already starting to see, what starts with social media censorship can quickly lead to banishment from such fundamental services as transportation, online payments and banking.

Left unchecked, Big Tech and liberal activists could construct a private “social credit” system — not unlike what the communists have nightmarishly implemented in China — that excludes outspoken conservatives from wide swaths of American life simply because their political views differ from those of tech executives.


Despite Massive Censorship, Alex Jones #40 Most Searched on YouTube

After being kicked off every major social media platform in 2018, including YouTube, Alex Jones still made it onto the top 100 searches for YouTube in America this year.

New statistics released by AHREFS blog show the top 100 searches in the U.S. and worldwide as well as other stats.

Check out the full list here!

Alex Jones being searched for more than Fox News, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, Ben Shapiro and others proves the American public is desperate for the truth and is not going along with big tech censorship.

For example, coming in at number 40, Alex Jones received 1,990,000 monthly searches compared to liberal comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s 1,370,000.

These type of stats are exactly why the elite started a massive purge of conservative and pro-Trump voices online starting before the 2018 midterms and will not stop until they regain total control.

Meanwhile, as Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson points out, the YouTube pages of white supremacist David Duke and the controversial Louis Farrakhan are still operating.

The fact that Duke’s page is still available proves YouTube has no intention of preventing “hate speech” as they claimed when pulling down Infowars’ pages.

Check out the video content that got Alex Jones banned from Twitter by CLICKING HERE and be sure to spread this link to join the fight against big tech.


Video: Laura Loomer Chains Herself To Twitter HQ In New York to Protest Censorship of Conservatives

Update: Laura Loomer had been taken into custody. Police had cut the handcuffs and, according to a citizen-journalist, she was taken to a police precinct. She discusses what happened below:

Laura Loomer reports from Twitter headquarters in NYC to protest her recent ban from the platform.

Loomer has handcuffed herself to the front door of Twitter HQ to protest internet censorship of conservative Americans.


Techs Turn Down Google Jobs Over Dragonfly Censorship Project

Tech experts are turning down job offers from Google over the company’s development of a censored search engine for China.

Ryan Gallagher, who first exposed at The Intercept last month the existence of the “Dragonfly” project, said on Twitter Thursday that he’s received numerous messages surrounding the backlash.

“I’ve had quite a few messages like this one over the last few weeks — people are turning down job offers from Google because of Dragonfly,” Gallagher said.

A partly-redacted email posted by Gallagher shows a once-potential employee declining an opportunity with the tech giant.

“After reading about project Dragonfly… I lost respect for a company I once admired,” the email says.

The secretive app, which would require users to link their identities to searches while being tracked, was also found in a prototype version to censor results for terms such as “Nobel prize” and “human rights,” documents provided to The Intercept revealed.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence weighed in on the issue Thursday during a speech at the Hudson Institute in which he urged Google to “immediately” end the controversial project.

“Google should immediately end development of the ‘Dragonfly’ app that will strengthen Communist Party censorship and compromise the privacy of Chinese customers,” Pence said.

The project has also led to resignations, internal protest and criticism from human rights organizations.

After weeks of remaining silent, Google Chief Privacy Officer Keith Enright admitted this month to the existence of Dragonfly during a senate hearing.

Enright alleged the app was only in an exploratory phase, despite reporting to the contrary, and even claimed he was unaware whether China censored its citizens when confronted by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

“As the privacy representative for Google I’m not sure that I have an informed opinion on that question,” Enright said.

Google, who is attempting to reenter the Chinese Market, pulled its services from the country in 2010 after it said the Communist government had attempted to both hack and censor users.


After Lobbying Big Tech to Ban Infowars, CNN Says Big Tech Censorship is a Conspiracy Theory

After months of having lobbied social media giants to silence Infowars, CNN published an article insisting that President Trump’s complaint that social media companies were silencing conservatives was a conspiracy theory.

In an article entitled Trump props up false claim that big tech is out to silence conservatives, CNN’s Oliver Darcy, the same reporter who repeatedly lobbied YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to censor Infowars, asserts that there is no political agenda to censor conservatives.

Responding to Trump’s tweet about social media giants “silencing millions of people,” Darcy accused the President of “exacerbating a longstanding paranoia from conservatives who have for years erroneously accused social media companies of bias and censorship.”

However, his article is absent the admission that Facebook, YouTube and other Big Tech outlets banned Infowars after months of intense lobbying by CNN, a competitor network, to shut down their competition

Back in February, Darcy began abusing his CNN platform to lobby YouTube to shut down the Alex Jones Show, an effort that was almost successful at the time, before the channel finally was shut down earlier this month.

Darcy then switched his attention to Facebook, attending a Facebook eventand asking executives from the social media site, “Why InfoWars is still allowed on the platform.”


Trump Slams Big Tech Censorship: Americans Deserve Same Free Speech Rights As The Media

President Trump spoke out against Big Tech censorship at his rally Tuesday in West Virginia and suggested Americans deserve the same First Amendment rights as the media.

“We are also standing up to social media censorship, that’s the new thing, that’s the new thing,” Trump said. “You know, I’d rather have fake news like CNN, I’d rather have fake news, it’s true, than have anybody including liberals, socialists, anything, than have anybody stopped and censored.”

“We got to live with it,” he said.