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Hacker group releases ‘9/11 Papers’, says future leaks will ‘burn down’ US deep state

The Dark Overlord hacker group has released decryption keys for 650 documents it says are related to 9/11, and promised that future leaks will have devastating consequences for the US ‘deep state’. The document dump is just a fraction of the 18,000 secret documents related to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks believed to have been stolen from insurers, law

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Women burn burqas and men shave their beards as they celebrate escape from ISIS stronghold in Syria – Mirror Online

Women are burning their burqas and men shaving off their beards in a show of defiance against ISIS after escaping from the terrorist group’s stronghold in Syria. Civilians in Raqqa tore off their traditional dress and set it alight after being liberated from the city on Thursday. p:nth-of-type(2)","sizes":[[8,8]],"hideOnSensitiveArticle":true,"relativePos":"after","additionalClass":"in-article","name":"div-gpt-ad-vip-slot","type":"VIP"}” data-response-start=”3580.5950000000003″ data-type=”gpt” data-requested=”3803.4450000000006″ data-google-query-id=”CM3agdb4odUCFcoDNwodgccHUQ” data-timer-slot-rendered=”6583.910000000001″ data-rendered-width=”8″ data-rendered-height=”8″ data-response-end=”8673.93″ data-viewable=”true” style=”background: rgb(255, 255, 255); border:

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