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Soros Pledges Renewed Fight Against ‘Dominant Ideology’ of Nationalism, Says EU ‘on Verge of Breakdown’ – Breitbart

The progressive billionaire speculator George Soros has said he will ‘fight back’ against the “dominant ideology” of nationalism, whilst admitting that favoured globalist project the European Union is “on the verge of a breakdown”. FOLLOW THE LINK FOR THE FULL REPORT – JR http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/01/15/soros-dominant-ideology-nationalism-eu-verge-breakdown/ Advertisements

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White House Plans Messaging Campaign to Refocus Attention on Trump’s Agenda – WSJ

WASHINGTON—The White House on Monday will embark on a three-week messaging campaign aimed at refocusing attention on President Donald Trump’s agenda and framing a debate later this summer over rewriting the U.S. tax code. The “Made In America” campaign, which starts with the president highlighting locally made products from around the country, is the latest attempt by Mr. Trump’s communications

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French Election Puts Possibility of ‘Frexit’ on the Agenda

PARIS—What’s striking about the French presidential election is the extent to which the two front-runners share a basic analysis of the choice facing the country. Marine Le Pen, the leader of the right-wing National Front, and Emmanuel Macron, the 39-year-old former economy minister who quit François Hollande’s government to stand as an independent, are poles apart politically. But both agree

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​-Wikileaks just released this email which proves that the Saudi’s were the ones that ordered Hilary to leave the men behind to die in Benghazi. —Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last few years, not only did Hillary ‘lose’ $1,5000,000,000 that was sent to Libya, she also got 4 servicemen killed after she abandoned

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​—LIKE AND SHARE – – Apparently, the FBI forgot to visit the Cornell Law Library. Word for word from the Cornell Law Library Former United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey tells MSNBC that not only is Hillary Clinton’s private email server illegal, it “disqualifies” her from holding any federal office. Very specifically points to one federal law, Title 18. Section

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