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CIA Sources Killed After China Allegedly Hacked Hillary’s Emails

This is a scandal so huge that it could blow all of the other Clinton scandals totally out of the water. It is being alleged that 18 to 20 CIA sources were either killed or imprisoned in China from 2010 to 2012 because the Chinese were reading all of Hillary Clinton’s emails as soon as they were sent or received.

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Immigration to U.S. from Third World, Islamic Nations Skyrockets Since 2010

Legal immigration from the third world and Islamic nations has skyrocketed the most since 2010, a new analysis finds. Census Bureau data analyzed by researchers at the Center for Immigration Studies reveals that America has greatly increased immigration from the third world and Islamic regions within the last seven years. Since 2010, foreign countries with the largest percentage increases based

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FBI, DOJ Plan Redactions Despite Trump’s Document Order

President Donald Trump has demanded the “immediate declassification” of sensitive materials about the Russia investigation, but the agencies responsible are expected to propose redactions that would keep some information secret, according to three people familiar with the matter. The Justice Department, FBI and Office of the Director of National Intelligence are going through a methodical review and can’t offer a

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Household Cleaning Products Making Children Fat – Study

Everyday household cleaning products may be producing unintended consequences for children. According to a study, disinfectants have the ability to change gut bacteria, potentially leading to higher body mass index (BMI). The study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that those who lived in households where disinfectants were used weekly had a higher risk of being overweight by

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“Safe” Plastics Have Same Fertility, Cancer Risks as BPA

The ‘safe’ chemicals used in plastics to replace hormone-disrupting BPA may carry the same risks, a new study reveals. In 1999, now-renowned scientist Patricia Hunt accidentally discovered that most plastic products contain a chemical that disrupts hormones. Bisphenol A (BPA) – which was used in children’s toys, medical devices, and food packaging – could affect cancer risk, fertility, and more,

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Facebook Suspends #WalkAway Founder For Mentioning Alex Jones

Facebook has slapped a 30-day suspension on #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka for simply mentioning Alex Jones. Straka took to Twitter Wednesday to explain he’d been temporarily banned from Facebook ahead of the #WalkAway March on Washington next month, where thousands of disillusioned former Democrats are slated to rally together to show their disgust with the Democrat Party before the midterms.

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