Mob Battles With Bats, Crowbars in UK Neighborhood

A mob of men were filmed brutally beating each other with bats and crowbars while yelling in Punjabi in Manchester, U.K., according to local media.

Videos of the melee shared to social media depict at least 10 combatants brawling in broad daylight as a bystander proclaims, “Ramadan is on Monday.”

“The brawl continues for several minutes with the men hurling abuse at each other in Punjabi and swearing,” the Bolton News reports.

“One of those involved in the fighting says in Punjabi ‘I am going to sort this out — my shoulder is dislocated,’ as well hurling further insults.”

The men continue to assault one another with weapons including baseball and cricket bats, crowbars, and golf clubs.

At one point, a man body slams another onto the hood of a car trapped in the intersection.

“Police received reports of a disturbance at 2:55 pm,” a Greater Manchester police spokesman told local media.

“When police arrived there was no fighting ongoing. Minor injuries have been reported from people believed to be involved. Enquiries are ongoing, no arrests were made.”


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