Foreign Prisoners Rising in German Jails

The number of foreign inmates in German prisons is increasing at an alarming rate, according local media.

The proportion of foreign prisoners in two of the country’s major cities has already surpassed half of the prison population.

“In Hamburg, the number of foreign prisoners has risen from 55 to 61 percent since 2016 and from 43 to 51 percent in Berlin,” reports Germany’s Young Freedom.

Multiple cities throughout the nation are experiencing similar surging demographic trends.

“In Baden-Württemberg, the proportion increased from 44 to 48 percent, in Lower Saxony from 29 to 33, in Rhineland-Palatinate from 26 to 30, in Bremen from 35 to 41, in Schleswig-Holstein from 28 to 34 and in the Saarland of 24 to 27 percent too,” says Young Freedom. “In Hessen the [amount] has increased in the past three years from 44.1 to 44.6 percent. Bavaria registered an increase from 31 to 45 percent since 2012.”

These numbers come after an April report revealing that German is becoming a foreign language in the country’s own prisons.

The drop in the nation’s official language is linked to the migrant crisis and is now making the prisons harder to manage, according to a prison committee chairman.

“The trend has intensified [since] the year 2015,” said the chairman. “[It] is obvious that the wave of immigration has to do with it.”

“In my view, nobody was prepared for such a development.”

Correspondingly, officials in Germany’s neighbor France recently acknowledged their own prison issues linked to foreign occupants.

The nation’s law enforcement is already stretched to their limits and prisons are becoming outlets for Islamic radicalization, according to French MP Valérie Boyer.

“There’s a shortage of prison space,” said the French MP. “All while radicalization prospers, especially in prisons.”



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