ICE Dumps Off Illegal Immigrants On The Streets Of Texas

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers have reportedly dumped more than 600 illegal immigrants on Texas streets this week, including 500 in El Paso on Wednesday.

According ABC-affiliate KVIA-TV in Las Cruces, Texas, the government agency is releasing the migrants because it doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate the illegal immigrants stealing across the U.S.-Mexico border and is concerned about criticisms that it is detaining the people for excessive periods of time.

Ruben Garcia, an administrator at the homeless and refugee shelter Annunciation House in El Paso, says it’s all a result of a new Customs and Border Patrol policy. According to Garcia, the policy states that if ICE has “more people to drop off [than] local shelters and agencies can receive and house, then ICE will drop those migrants off in the street.”

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