Google ‘fuelling hypochondria’ as searches for health conditions at all time high

Internet searches for serious health conditions have increased by thousands of percentage points over the last three years sparking fears the web is fuelling hypochondria.

UK search volumes for terms such as ‘how to know chest pains are serious’ have risen by 8,781 per cent from 2015 to 2018, analysis of Google data has found.

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Searches for keywords such as ‘sciatica’, ‘acne’ and ‘IBS’ plus ‘treatment’ are now searched over 100,000 times on average every year since 2015.

‘Stomach ache’ and ‘aching legs’ were also found to top online searches, with an average of 115,800 and 151,075 searches yearly since 2015.

‘GP near me’ was googled 500,000 times between January and August alone this year.



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