LA Demands City Contractors Disclose NRA Ties

Los Angeles is now requiring city contractors to disclose their ties to the NRA.

The motion, which was passed unanimously on Wednesday by the LA City Council, would even require contractors to disclose sponsorships with the gun organization.

City officials said the requirement won’t ban NRA-linked contractors from doing business with the city, but if that wasn’t the intention then it’s hard to understand why the motion exists.

“The vote on the NRA motion, which was written by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, directs the city attorney to draft an ordinance outlining the new disclosure rules, which will need to be voted on by the City Council,” reportedCBS LA.

The news outlet also reported that the motion follows a stream of anti-gun ordinances passed by the city over the past several years, including a 2015 ban on magazines larger than 10 rounds.



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