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Armed drones, iris scanners: China’s high-tech security gadgets

From virtual reality police training programmes to gun-toting drones and iris scanners, a public security expo in China showed the range of increasingly high-tech tools available to the country’s police. The exhibition, which ran Tuesday to Friday in Beijing, emphasised surveillance and monitoring technology just as the Communist government’s domestic security spending has skyrocketed.Facial-recognition screens analysing candid shots of conference

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Some Tarrant County Voters Report Problems When Selecting ‘Straight Party’ Option

In a hyper partisan election, some voters in Tarrant County are finding they’re selecting the candidate of the party they don’t want. The issue is coming up when voters select the “straight party” option. About ten voters in Tarrant County have complaints that something isn’t right when they select the “straight party” option… meaning they want to vote all Republican

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China Targets Control Over Internet of Things for Spying, Business

China is aggressively seeking to dominate the Internet of Things and plans to use access to billions of networked electronic devices for intelligence-gathering, sabotage, and business purposes, according to a forthcoming congressional report. China for nearly a decade has been investing heavily in the emerging technology on the Internet of Things (IoT) and has made outpacing similar U.S. efforts one

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Cancer Breakthrough: New Protein Could Lead to Novel Treatments

Researchers at York University have found a new role for a well-known protein in the body that may explain, in part, what goes wrong in certain cancers, as well as vascular and neurological disorders. Beta-catenin, a wide-ranging and important protein for the regulation of cell function from the embryonic stage to adulthood, has already been implicated in the development of

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Vox Asks: Is it Time We Started Adding Lithium to Water Supply?

Left-wing media outlet Vox is questioning whether the U.S. should start adding lithium to the public’s water supply. In an article entitled “How our drinking water could help prevent suicide,” Vox highlights psychiatry professor Nassir Ghaemi and his claims that the practice would be beneficial for the American populace. “High-lithium areas, he says, have suicide rates 50 to 60 percent

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DHS Official Confirms Caravan Contains Criminals, Gang Members, Middle Easterners

A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security says the agency has confirmed criminals, gang members and other bad hombres are part of the migrant caravan making its way toward the US border through Mexico. In addition to Hondurans, DHS Press Secretary Tyler Q. Houlton on Tuesday admitted the agency has been tracking criminals within the 14,000-personcaravan which stormed the

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