Facebook’s Push For Users’ Bank Records Triggers Fears Of A ‘Chinese-Style Social Credit System’ In U.S.

Our rulers want a world where they can not only turn you into an “unperson” by banning you from the internet but also deny you a bank account and a home if you don’t hold the right political views.

Daniel Taylor at Old-Thinker News writes:

Mainstream media, in collusion with big tech, has created a system of public shaming and “de-personing.”

In 2015, Paul Joseph Watson wrote about China’s social credit score system, asking the question “Could such a system ever take off in America?”


The first step is already complete; Big tech has our personal data.

Facebook recently asked U.S. banks to share user financial data including transactions and account balances in an effort to boost user engagement with the app.

Matt Stoller, a fellow at the Open Markets Institute, stated after Facebook’s announcement that it is a sign that big tech is moving toward a social credit system in the United States. Stoller said, “concentrated tech power is moving us towards a dystopian social credit scoring system.”

Just as in communist China, the purpose of such a system is to control our behavior and crush those stepping out of line.

The unpersoning of Alex Jones and those on the alt-right before him is about laying the groundwork for unpersoning us all.

Allowing these Big Tech companies to amass so much power was a giant mistake (which was totally foreseeable a decade ago) which needs to be corrected — fast.




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