Austin bombings: Suspect Mark Conditt dead, sought other addresses

He said he’d been inside the bomber’s house and drew up a map of the interior for the FBI before their SWAT team moved into the area.

He saw one man come out of the house.

A group of barbers from Delton’s Pecan Street Barber Shop in downtown Pflugerville watched From their shady patio on Pecan Street as police stood guard on the perimeter of the neighborhood where Mark Conditt lived directly across the street.

Authorities in Pflugerville closed down the entire neighborhood while local, state and federal law enforcement officers investigated Conditt’s house.

Terrance Harper has worked as a barber at the shop for around seven years.

“It makes you be more aware, just knowing it could have been that close. That’s close to home,” he said. “Our lives could have been threatened. You never know (at what scale) he was producing the bombs.”

Harper said there was a suspicious package behind the shop on Saturday. It unnerved him enough to take a picture of it on his phone.

He said he didn’t know if police were ever called to investigate it.



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