Swedish Scientists to Revive the Dead in Robots with AI

The Swedes appear to have embarked on an audacious project resembling something from an episode of the sci-fi series Black Mirror; they intend to make fully conscious copies of the dead in a bid to offer digital immortality.

A number of Swedish scientists are researching how to produce digital copies of those who have already passed away. Dagen daily has reported they are also planning to set about making robots which would resemble the deceased.

To this end, the Swedish funeral agency Phoenix is currently looking for volunteers who would give the green light to scientists to replicate the images of their deceased relatives.

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The artificial intelligence technology is projected to reconstruct voices of those dead, as well as teach the computer program to answer elementary questions, such as those connected with funeral arrangements.

The program is hoped to evolve still further, eventually mastering quick responses to simple questions on everyday life or the weather, for instance.




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