Story Of Heroism From School Employee Comes From Nightmare Shooting

This story is unconfirmed by authorities, but it is one that is being shared my many.

A lot of students and parents are talking about one man, a football coach, who according to CBS4 News partner the Miami Herald, was also a security guard at the school.

That coach, identified by students and parents as Aaron Feis, may have acted as a human shield to protect some students.

As Cruz opened fire with an AR-15 rifle, Coach Feis, according to students, jumped in front of the bullets.

One of the fathers whose son is on the football team shared the story with other parents.

“The coach was also shot,” the father said. “He got shot by jumping on the guy, that’s what I heard.”

Although the Broward Sheriff’s Office has not confirmed that story, Sheriff Scott Israel said during a news conference, “they lost a coach.”

At this time it’s unclear if he was speaking about Feis.

“Seventeen people were taken to the Broward Health hospitals,” said Dr. Evan Boyar, Chair and Medical Director of Broward Health North. “Of those, nine patients, including the suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz, were taken to Broward Health North in Pompano Beach. Seven were taken to Broward General and one to Coral Springs.”



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