Report: Obama ready to “speak out” if Trump cancels DACA – Hot Air

You know it’s killing this guy not to be on camera every day scolding Trump in his usual “that’s not who we are” terms but that would be a strategic disaster so obvious that silence is really the only option. A “Trump vs. Obama” fight over almost any issue would unify most of the right behind the president and O knows it; the most brutal thing he can do to Trump is to deny him that our-guy-versus-their-guy dynamic. I don’t think it’s crazy to believe that Trump’s job approval would be five to 10 points higher if Obama had spent the last seven months sniping at him regularly. By withholding his criticism, he’s made it possible for “soft” Republicans and right-leaning independents to criticize POTUS without fear of being accused that they’re carrying O’s water.


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