‘No more faith in humanity’: A day in the life of Berlin Facebook moderators – The Local

For the first time, Facebook opened up its Berlin centre for deleting hateful or violent content, providing journalists with a glimpse into the workers’ everyday dealings with decapitation videos, racist propaganda and child pornography.

“I still remember the first beheading video – I turned it off, went outside and wept a little bit,” said one female employee.

But she said that this was her only breakdown, because the first time she was unprepared.

“Now we’re so used to it, that it’s not so horrible anymore,” the 28-year-old explained.

This was the first time that journalists were allowed to speak with three workers at Facebook’s deletion centre, though they were not allowed to give their names so as to protect their identities.

In total, 650 people work in this multifaceted operation to examine and delete posts which could be considered illegal, or against Facebook’s own rules.

They alert Facebook when they believe that someone could harm themselves or others. These workers have already been able to prevent suicides through subsequent contact with police, they say.




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