Trump faces first big domestic moment – POLITICO

President Donald Trump’s first domestic mega-moment has arrived, and his measured reaction to Wednesday’s shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, is being praised by all sides as they gauge his temperament in a time of crisis.

Trump touched on all the key notes in the immediate hours after the shooting at a congressional GOP baseball practice that sent five people to the hospital, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.



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    I fault the president for not authorizing Constitutional Carry. The Alexandria event was unwarranted and could possibly have been terminated earlier if any of the congressional GOP members were armed. Random kooks in society are are real threat, and being armed up, is the most efficient means of protection against those nut jobs. I believe violence will increase until people have their Second Amendment RIGHTS returned. In case anybody forgot: “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Until that time, all is foolishness, and I have no sympathy for anyone.


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