Bilderberg conference: attendees dodge the press as secretive meeting ends | World news | The Guardian

Attendees spotted by the press are for the most part still locked in a bizarre, pre-internet paradigm of hiding their faces behind copies of the Financial Times or even, in the case of one participant this year, bending double to avoid – heaven forfend! – being identified. The shame of it! Whatever would people say?

Judging from the hair and physique, and the glimpse of an earring in another photo, my guess is that the bent-double attendee might have been Ana Botín, head of Banco Santander. It says something about how messed up the relationship is between Bilderberg and the press that I’m trying to identify the executive chairman of one of Europe’s largest banks as she – or someone with similar hair – sprawls forwards in a minibus, into the lap of the former US treasury secretary Larry Summers. This is undignified for everybody involved.



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