MEDIA Why Did the U.S. Really Strike Syria? What You’re Not Being Told

Anonymous Reported– NTIMEDIA) The whole world is trying to make sense of America’s reckless decision to launch air strikes against the Syrian government. The strikes against Syria came in light of the fact that they were ordered by a president who infamously wondered on Twitter in 2013: “What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict?”

—— He also astutely noted that “Obama needs congressional approval.”  It is hard to make sense of the recent series of events. Essentially, the mainstream media’s narrative is that just days after the U.S. announced it was seriously considering leaving Assad alone, Assad decided to commit political suicide by conducting a chemical weapons attack against civilians, one that would have certainly drawn international condemnation and a possible war with the American military. Why would he do that?  Full Report In Link Below. -EH


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