Latest Data Dump by Wikileaks on CIA: ‘Undetectable Assassinations,’ ‘Weaponized Malware,’ Framing Foreign Hackers

Allen West Republic Reported–  I’m waiting for the media to chime in regarding the latest data dump from Wikileaks. I’m sure they’ll claim that Julian Assange coordinated once again with his Russky buddy Vlad, and therefore none of it can be trusted.

Over 8,700 pages were uploaded by Wikileaks -dubbed ‘Vault 7, Part 1’ and titled ‘Year Zero on the CIA and its myriad of covert hacking operations that allow them to hack into smart phones, smart TVs, iPads, computers, even vehicles. There’s not enough room or time here to mention all the things the CIA has been up to the last couple years, and I imagine that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Eight thousand pages is  a lot to get through, so expect to see articles churning out on the subject the more people delve into what Wikileaks released. Follow The Link For The Full Report. -EH


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