Your Dishwasher Capsules Can be Toxic and Loaded With Cancer Causing Chemicals – Try This Healthy Alternative!

Organic And Healthy Reported–  Highly chemical dishwasher tablets are putting you and your family at a greater risk than has been anticipated. We know the contents are dangerous, we have all seen the box which say “harmful if swallowed” and “burns skin and throat.” Why do people continue to use these poisonous chemicals in their homes?

Ammonia – Exposure to high concentrations of ammonia in air causes immediate burning of the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory tract and can result in blindness, lung damage or death.  The following chemicals are common ingredients in laundry detergents.  -Coal Tar Dyes – These are made from petroleum distillates. Dyes in cleaning products can be absorbed through the skin or ingested in the case of soap residue on dishes. Follow The Link For The Full Report On What’s Actually In  Those The Toxic Capsules. -EH


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