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Alabama Governor Declares State Of Emergency

MONTGOMERY – Governor Robert Bentley on Wednesday issued a State of Emergency following deadly storms Tuesday night and additional severe weather Wednesday. Alabama has experienced severe thunderstorms, hail, straight line winds, and tornadoes causing damage in 12 counties including: Colbert, Cullman, Dekalb, Franklin, Jackson, Lauderdale, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Morgan, Pickens, and Winston.     The storm that moved through Jackson

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Anonymous Hacks Pedophile Server: Connects Comet Ping Pong to Austin Pizzaria

Is this the proof we need? Calling all IT personnel to authenticate what we are looking at here. It seems we must do the FBI’s job for them. Enterthe5t4rz has cracked the code once again and we owe it to these modern day citizen journalists for searching for and finding the truth while the MSM continuous lies to us on

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Obama Was Going To Castro’s Funeral–Until Trump Told Him This…

    Fidel Castro was a useful idiot, he died as he lived. That did not stop Obama from planning a flight to Cuba to attend his funeral. Hours after his death President Obama issued a statement, saying that at “this time of Fidel Castro’s passing, we extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people.”    Reports from a

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Obama Whines About How Unfair It Is That Conservative Media Exists, Vows To Stop It

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Obama complained about how unfair it is that some news websites have different politics than he does. “Well, the most important thing that I’m focused on is how we create a common set of facts. That sounds kind of abstract. Another way of saying it is, how do we create a common story

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Just in: Trump announces two more key positions liberals will HATE

While the liberal media tries to tell us Donald Trump’s transition team is in shambles, and there’s turmoil over the possible selection of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State, Trump has been busily interviewing a many candidates for other positions. Today it’s official, The racist/misogynist-in-chief has chosen another non-white woman for a key position. And it appears Trump has its

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Eric Bolling And Kim Guilfoyle Revealed Their “Turkeys Of The Year”, Can You Guess Who?

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfeld and the rest of the co-hosts on Fox News’ The Five recently had fun trashing all the people and institutions who they felt were the biggest “turkeys” of 2016. Kimberly’s pick was the Clinton Foundation, which Eric Bolling said was “an ostrich farm. There are so many loose ends on so many deals that

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